Poultry Breeding Environment Control
Poultry Breeding Environment Control

Poultry breeding environment control system

The alarm computer 3G alarm is able to administrate up to 48 alarms, with alarming can be done by signal horn, flashlight, by telephone and text message as well as by e-mail. The device integrates a GSM/UMTS modem for telephone alarms, which communicates with the farmer via mobile phone network.


The device is able to process up to 16 digital alarm contacts and two temperature sensors directly. Other bus-compliant sensors, climate computers, and extension modules can be connected to the alarm computer via the CAN bus.

If you connect 3G alarm to the climate computers, you can operate all participants connected to the bus in a centralized manner at the alarm computer.


The device is equipped with a graphic display, which shows the important states in a clearly structured manner. You can see the network operator, the mobile signal strength, the prepaid credit and many more details in a simple way.

The alarm computer features a multitude of automated monitoring functions providing you with the highest level of security. These include e.g. periodic checks of battery status, mobile signal strength and prepaid credit. 3G alarm informs you directly about noticeable problems.