Low Concentration Waste Gas Treatment Technology
Low Concentration Waste Gas Treatment Technology

Treatment of VOC waste gas with electro-catalysis and biodegradation system


The concept of VOCs treatment system with electro-catalysis and biodegradation method of Elpotec GmbH is:

1. 30% components of VOCs generated from spraying can be dissolved in the water and transformed into COD.

2. 70% components that cannot be dissolved in the water can be absorbed by catalyst completely.

3. Electrocatalyst of Elpotec GmbH's patented technology can fully absorb 70% components of VOCs that cannot be dissolved in the water.

4. All VOCs absorbed on the electrocatalyst can be degraded as H2O and CO2 when battery lead plate is electrified.

5. The electrocatalyst plays a role of absorption and degradation of VOCs. The discharge will not exceed the standard due to the absorption and saturation of catalyst. The service life of the electrocatalyst is greater than 5 years, with long replacement period.

6. The biological filtering materials of the last layer can completely degrade VOCs with ultralow concentration in the waste gas into H2O and CO2.

7. The overall processing ratio can reach more than 95%. The processing ratio of electro-catalysis VOCs treatment system is stabled between 80%-88%. The bioanalysis in the last link can guarantee that the removal rate is about 15%-20%.

8. The success rate of breeding of biological bacterium is not the main link for the success or failure of processing system, therefore, the bioanalysis that cannot be quantified will be placed in the link that can make the processing system better. And it avoids troubles such as biological culture and maintenance.



After the organic waste gas is dissolved in the water or absorbed by catalyst, the electro-catalytic oxidation system starts to generate hydroxyl radical and other oxidized species for degrading the organic matters under the environment of positive and negative charges and through electrification of carbon plate and precious metal battery lead plate, and the carbon dioxide and water which are friendly to environment will be generated.

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