Central dampening center
Central dampening center

Central dampening center


It provides the unified water for standard printing for the printing workshop


Temperature/quality of water/ contents of additive solution for printing provided centrally shall be stable and continuous

Centralized dampening and cooling obvious reduction of power consumption of cooling

Centralized water supply pumping station obvious reduction of energy consumption of water pump

Electric power conservation refers to the comparison between energy consumption of centralized cooling and centralized water supply and the sum of energy consumption of the cooling and circulation of each single machine



Printing workshop and machine Improvement of work efficiency and profit rate

     Rapid pollution of water for printing will cause frequent water changing and maintenance of dampening equipment

A 2-hour water changing and maintenance is required for each printer weekly, namely, the printing cannot be conducted 100 hours annually

The central dampening center reduces the water changing/maintenance demands, that is, the shutdown time for maintenance of each machine can be reduced to 6 hours from 100 hours annually,

The reduced shutdown time in the whole workshop can reach more than 900 hours (take 10 printers/ 15,000 times of printing/hour as an example), and 13,500,000 times of printing can be increased

Damage and quality accident of roller hardware of printer caused by reduction of the pollution of water for dampening