Low Concentration Industrial Wastewater Treatment Technology
Low Concentration Industrial Wastewater Treatment Technology

Low concentration industrial wastewater treatment technology


Simple principle, efficient effect


Clear distilled water generated with sophisticated technique


Our sophisticated technique uses the simple principle of substance separation based on the difference of boiling point. When we distill the industrial wastewater, substances of which the boiling point is higher than the water will be left in the distillation residues, including heavy metal, salt, oils, lipids or surfactant. The amount of distillation residues will be reduced to 0.5%-5% of the original amount of wastewater due to the water evaporation. Therefore, the rising water vapor contains little impurities, which can be transported to the production process as process water after condensation. In this way, your production will not generate wastewater.


Due to the reason that some substances cannot be separated with such separation principle, generally, distilled water from traditional distiller will be turbid and with bad quality, which needs to be treated again. In recent years, we have established new standard for the optimization of separation process with several innovations.


From turbidity to clear.