Automatic Liquid Feed Feeder
Automatic Liquid Feed Feeder

Automatic Liquid Feed Feeder


● All feeds in the market can be used (no matter it is dry or wet feeds)

● It will not be an issue for long-distance feed transportation

● Feed station set in the center makes the feeding of livestock in different buildings more simple

● For farm mixing the feeds, it will be more cost-efficient to use mobile feeding system than the fixed one

● Feed with low cost can be fed

● For the conversion of feed, it is optimized by 10% compared with that of the fixed feeding

● The waste of feed in each trough can be reduced by 10%

● Therefore, Euro 0.18 can be reduced on the feeding cost for each reduced kilogram of animal weight (Euro 0.065 is sourced from the optimization of feed conversion, and Euro 0.115 is sourced from the direct saving of feed)

● The cost of feeding can be reduced by 10% compared with the feeding with the fixed feeding.